Touro College and University System to create a new campus in Times Square



An interpretation of the future Touro campus at 3 Times Square

By announcing plans to build its main campus in the heart of Manhattan, Touro reaffirmed its commitment to New York City and the continued importance of in-person learning. Touro will transform eight floors of the building into classrooms, science and technology laboratories, offices and event spaces, and will have a dedicated entrance and lobby at the southwest corner of 43rd Street and Seventh Avenue. The more than 2,000 employees and students who will work there and attend classes daily will provide a major economic boost to local businesses, revitalizing an area traditionally frequented by tourists and office workers.

“The Touro College and University System has arrived at its 50th anniversary with confidence and strength under the stellar leadership of Dr Alan Kadish,” said Zvi Ryzman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Touro College & University System. “The signing of the lease at 3 Times Square for a new state-of-the-art home for several of Touro’s world-class schools and programs indicates a bright and successful future for the institution.”

Seven of Touro’s schools will be hosted on-site, including the College of Pharmacy (TCOP), New York School of Career & Applied Studies (NYSCAS), Graduate School of Business (GSB), Graduate School of Education (GSE), the Graduate School of Jewish Studies (GSJS), the Graduate School of Social Work (GSSW) and the Graduate School of Technology (GST). Touro plans to officially move into the new space in January 2023.

“Throughout the 2020 and 2021 school years, our schools and programs have adapted and thrived during the transition to online and hybrid education, and we will continue to incorporate what we have learned to help our school and our community. approach to education to evolve, ”said Dr. Alan Kadish, President of Touro College & University System. “After conducting comprehensive surveys and in-depth conversations with faculty, staff and students, we know that our community places great value on in-person learning. Touro is now celebrating its 50th anniversary and by enhancing our campus experience and modernizing our facilities, Touro will be well positioned for the next 50 years.

3 Times Square, originally built as the North American headquarters of Reuters Group PLC in the early 2000s, is a Class A office tower that spans 885,000 square feet over 30 floors. In 2020, Rudin hired architectural firm FXCollaborative to participate in a massive tower capital improvement program, including the creation of a new triple-height, glass-walled hall and facade screen. sculptural designed to diffuse the light of Times Square. The building is easily accessible to Grand Central, Port Authority and Penn Station, providing an ideal campus for faculty and students on the go.

The school will build a library, university facilities, labs, student lounges and cafes, according to Jeffrey Rosengarten, senior vice president of operations for Touro’s university and college system, who led the leadership team. de Touro in this exciting new initiative.

In addition to expanding its footprint in Midtown Manhattan, Touro also extended its commitment to the Harlem community and renewed the lease of its TouroCOM Harlem campus at 230 W. 125th St. for another decade.

About Touro’s college and university system

Touro is a system of non-profit higher education and vocational institutions. Touro College was established in 1970 primarily to enrich the Jewish heritage and to serve the American and world community as a whole. About 19,000 students are currently enrolled in its various schools and divisions. Touro has 35 campuses and sites in New York, California, Nevada, Illinois, Berlin, Jerusalem and Moscow. New York Medical College; the University of Touro in California and the University of Touro in Nevada; Touro University Worldwide and its division Touro College Los Angeles; as well as Hebrew Theological College in Skokie, Ill., are separately accredited institutions within the Touro College and University System. For more information, visit

About the Rudin family

The Rudin family owns and operates one of New York City’s largest private real estate portfolios. Among its real estate assets, which includes the high-tech Dock 72 office tower in Brooklyn Navy Yard, are 16 commercial office buildings containing approximately 10.5 million square feet of space and 17 apartment buildings comprising more than four million square feet of residences. For more information on the Rudin family, please visit



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