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Rasmussen University, a Higher Education Commission accredited university, today announced the launch of its best value on a Associate’s degree from its Early Childhood Education (ECE) program, now available for $15,000 or less. This new offering builds on Rasmussen’s focus on flexibility and support and gives students the opportunity to earn an affordable and convenient associate’s degree at a fraction of the cost.

The early childhood education industry has been heavily impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19, forcing many ECE centers to close or drastically reduce staffing and, in some cases, temporarily suspend educational benefits. As a result, many people on the ground have left and now ECE centers across the country are desperate to recruit their workforce. With a long 30-year history of teaching in the field, Rasmussen University has formed alliances with some of the largest employers in the industry, making it more affordable for their employees to pursue training.

“As early childhood education centers work to replenish their workforces, preparing our students for these positions is a top priority for Rasmussen University,” said Mary Muhs, M.Ed. and Director of the Department of Early Childhood Education and Social Services at Rasmussen University. “Being able to offer this program at this time and for this cost will help make the program more easily accessible to a wider range of students, whether they are new to the field or looking to advance their careers. with the credentials needed to hold leadership positions in most child care centers.Those with a Child Development Associate (CDA®) designation may also receive a 12-credit waiver for one of the ECE credentials. .

The cost of an associate’s program can hinder enrollment when the average cost of an ECE program is compared to the median salary of educators. Offering this low-cost study program in a fully online environment meets growing market demand. Additionally, eight self-directed assessments are available in the ECE associate degree program. These $149 online assessments are a way for students to show that they have already acquired certain skills and knowledge for a particular course and do not need to take it, saving them time. time and money. In fact, if a student chooses to take all eight available assessments, they could save almost $4,000 on the cost of the program.

“We designed this program to prepare our students for an ever-changing career in early childhood education. Every element of the program, from faculty interaction to online classes, is designed to prepare them for success in the field,” Muhs said. “Offering it at this price is also extremely valuable. It gives students a little less worry because they don’t need to commit as much financially to get the degree itself. If you have a passion for working with our youngest learners, now might be the perfect time to take the next step.”

Rasmussen also offers affordable options both at Diploma and Certificate levels to put a student’s ECE education goals within reach. Rasmussen University’s business alliances allow students already working in the field to save even more on the cost of their associate degree. To learn more, visit https://corporate.rasmussen.edu/education/.

For more information on Early Childhood Education Associate Degree Programs at Rasmussen University, now available for $15,000 or less, please visit https://www.rasmussen.edu/degrees/education/early-childhood-education/associates/.


Rasmussen University, a Higher Education Commission accredited university, is dedicated to changing lives and the communities it serves through innovative and flexible educational programs. As a pioneer in career-focused education since 1900, the University is defining a new generation of higher education that focuses on skills-based education, technology, and transferable skills. Rasmussen offers online and in-person undergraduate and graduate programs at 23 campuses across the country. The University is designed to elevate and support its students at every stage, from each student’s first degree to their last. Rasmussen is dedicated to global enrichment, serving the underserved, and meeting the changing needs of diverse students, communities, and economies. Rasmussen encourages its students, faculty, and staff to strive for academic excellence, community enrichment, and service to the public good. For more information about Rasmussen University, please visit www.rasmussen.edu.

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