Over 340,000 students enrolled in college system schools across Georgia in fall 2021



Enrollment in the Georgia University System (USG) declined only slightly this fall despite similar challenges that rocked higher education institutions nationwide. Total enrollment stands at 340,638 students attending the state’s 26 public colleges and universities.

Enrollment increased 2.6% overall at research universities and 0.5% overall at comprehensive universities, according to the U.S. government’s fall semester 2021 enrollment report. These increases include significant growth in key areas such as graduate programs, which helped offset declines of 3.7% at state universities and 6.7% at state colleges.

Overall, the USG only saw a decline of 851 students or 0.2% statewide, with campuses reverting to teaching and in-person activities while preserving the health and safety of campus communities.

“I appreciate all of the challenges our students overcame as they persisted in their journey to graduate from a USG institution,” USG Acting Chancellor Teresa MacCartney said. “I applaud our presidents, faculty and staff for all they have done to make this fall a success.

USG’s fall enrollment numbers end seven straight years of increased enrollment for the system, which last fall saw a record 341,489 students. This year’s tally is the first time the fall report has not shown an increase since 2013.

It’s also because the USG has outperformed its peers nationally, experiencing more positive enrollment trends overall than many public and private four-year schools across the country.

According to data from the National Student Clearinghouse, the USG saw a 2.1% drop in undergraduate student numbers this fall, while four-year public institutions fell 2.3% across the board. national level and that all establishments (including private ones) decreased by 3.2%. Conversely, the growth of USG graduate students was particularly strong, up 7.9% from increases of 4.3% for four-year audiences and 2.1% for all. institutions at the national level.

Source: National Student Clearinghouse (2021); First look at registrations for fall 2021 (as of September 23).

Within the U.S. government, enrollment increased at five institutions, remained unchanged at one, and declined to 20. Institutions with growth in enrollment included Georgia Institute of Technology (10.3%), University of State of Kennesaw (4.4%), University of Georgia (2.5%), Georgia Southern University (.5%) and University of Augusta (.4%). Georgia Southwestern State University was flat.

Double registrations increased by 3.7%. The other category that saw significant growth was new graduate and professional students, with an increase of 3.6%.

Demographics showed growth among Hispanic (3.4%) and Asian (10.3%) students with a slight decline among African American (-2.4%) and White (-2.2%) students. ).

The enrollment figures were published in the US government’s “Fall Semester 2021 Enrollment Report,” which analyzes enrollment data by institution, age, gender, race and ethnicity, students in the state. , out of state and international. The full report is available here.



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