Payday Loan without Paycheck: Best Loans for the Unemployed

Let’s find out how you can receive a payday loan without a paycheck. All the characteristics of the loans offered by the bank and the requirements necessary to access the credit we need. So we will see what are the best loans for the unemployed who are paid .

Payday loans without paychecks: how to apply for them if you are self-employed

If you are looking for a personal loan, you will have noticed that the main problem related to this form of financing concerns the requirements for access to credit. This aspect of course also applies to Payday loans, given that the bank is not willing to provide a sum of money to a customer who does not have the opportunity to provide the necessary guarantees. Among these, the best guarantee that can be provided to the company at the time of the loan application is the paycheck. This represents in fact a constant income that the employer gives to the employee and this is therefore the reason why the employees represent the best category of clients for a credit institution that must provide a loan. Another category of customers who can provide the same guarantees to the bank is that of pensioners. Among the income guarantees to be presented to in order to receive a personal loan, the pension coupon also appears. From this the bank can in fact verify the net monthly income of the pensioner and consequently will evaluate the maximum installment that can be faced by the customer. Therefore, based on what has just been said, employees and pensioners will have no problem in receiving the desired funding

How can I receive a payday loan without a paycheck? In this case it will be slightly more complicated, but fortunately this company offers us the possibility of presenting alternative guarantees to the paycheck. Among the customers who sometimes find problems in receiving funding, especially in the case of requests for high amounts, there are self-employed workers. We are talking, therefore, for example to artisans, entrepreneurs, freelancers and all those who work alone and not on behalf of a superior. The main difference with the salaried employees, therefore, is that the self-employed do not have a fixed monthly income. This is a very important difference for the bank, given that at the time of applying for a loan an installment is set that remains fixed for the entire duration chosen for the loan itself. So if in the case of employees the installment can be deducted automatically from the salary, this can not be done in the case of self-employed. The latter in fact have variable gains based on seasonality, which can often be higher than those of an employee, but which in some months can also be very low.

To receive a payday loan without a paycheck for self-employed workers, the income document that we will have to present to the bank is the last tax return. Based on this document, the company will be able to make the appropriate assessments on the basis of which it will fix the monthly repayment installment that we will be able to face. For this reason the delivery times may be slightly longer than when the request is made by an employee or retired worker. Another characteristic of Payday loans for self-employed workers is that they usually provide rather low repayment installments. This is the consequence of what has been said above, since to avoid the lack of payments in the months in which the lowest earnings occur, it is preferable to set a monthly expenditure as light as possible. In any case, to request a personal loan from, if you are self-employed, you need to make an appointment at the branch through the website. Through the relative procedure it will be possible to choose the branch with which to visit us based on the address, and then to fix the date and the time among those available. At this point you just need to go to the branch with an identity document, the health card and the Unique Form of the tax return to proceed with the request for funding. At the time of the request, an expert in the sector will be able to advise us on the duration of the loan, based on our earnings and the amount of money we need.

Loan without paycheck for unemployed: how to make the request

The category of customers who most often find problems in receiving a loan of any kind is that of the unemployed. unpaid loans are undoubtedly among the best in circulation for all those who do not have a job and therefore can not present any income guarantee to the company. Fortunately,, as we have already seen in the case of loans for self-employed, provides alternative guarantees to paychecks to allow a large clientele to receive the desired funding. So how do you get a payday loan if you are unemployed? In this case the best solution that is proposed to us is the presentation of a guarantor. In this case at the time of the request we will have to go to the branch with a person who can precisely guarantee in our place. There are no particular constraints regarding our relationship with the guarantor, which can therefore be a relative but also simply a friend. The only fundamental requirement that must have is the possession of an income document, which must be presented at the time of the request for funding. This solution is the best for example for a young person who can get the money he needs to carry out a project, thanks to the guarantees presented by a parent.

Again with regard to young people, a very interesting loan offered is that which takes the name , and that is a loan of honor. This form of financing is aimed at university students, and has the great advantage of being able to be requested even without the presentation of income guarantees. In this case, the requisites necessary to have access to the credit concern the results obtained by the student in their course of study. Thanks to this form of financing it is possible to receive up to 27,700 euros, which can be repaid over a period of 12 months to 120 months. Therefore, the customer can choose the monthly repayment installment based on his / her own money, with the possibility of setting a rather low rate. Another feature that makes the ideal solution for unemployed young people looking for funding is the fact of being able to have a ” grace period ” of a maximum duration of 2 years. During this period there is no repayment of the capital, therefore the beneficiary of the financing will have to face only the expense related to the interest accrued.