A payday loan by phone – how does it work?

Do you need extra money for your expenses? Now you can also apply for it completely via the internet! How to get a payday loan by phone?

Pożyczka przez telefon – jak to działa?

Borrowing money thanks to access to the network has become much easier. Now we can get the sum we need without even having to leave the house – we will arrange everything on-line. Internet payday loans are currently offered by banks as well as by non-bank companies. Many of them also allow you to receive funds by phone.

A payday loan by phone is generally available in several ways, depending on who gives it. We can apply for it via a special mobile application or on the phone or by SMS to the payday loan company. Let’s take a closer look at these methods.

A payday loan through a mobile application

Such an offer is available both at banks and non-bank lending companies. It can be used by regular bank clients – even in a few clicks. This is possible because in their case the bank has access to the account history, so it can easily calculate the creditworthiness. We do not have to provide any documents then – we simply indicate the amount we want to receive, we choose the repayment period, and then we confirm the desire to obtain a payday loan.

More and more payday loan companies also use mobile applications. Such an offer has, among others, Aasa – the free application Moja Aasa Mobile allows you to submit a payday loan application by phone, while ensuring full data security.

A payday loan by phone or SMS

The second option is a payday loan offered during a phone call or by SMS. Such an offer, however, is available mainly in non-bank payday loan companies and for regular customers.

Then you can send an SMS with an indication of the amount and repayment period according to a special pattern or inform about the willingness to take a payday loan during a telephone conversation – then the funds can be activated immediately.

We can also apply for a payday loan during a telephone conversation in some banks. However, it takes more time than submitting it online.

By phone only payday loans for smaller sums

Basically, by phone we can get cash payday loans only for quite small sums, which do not require confirmation with any documents. How much we can get depends mainly on our creditworthiness and creditworthiness, as well as the limits of the payday loan.

In the case of bank payday loans, it is usually an amount of up to several dozen thousand zlotys – depending on our ability calculated on the basis of receipts and expenses from the account. For non-bank payday loan companies is the amount of from about 100 to 10 000 gold even for the payday loan installment. In the case of payday payday loans, this limit is smaller and usually ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 PLN.

In summary, a payday loan by phone is a good choice when we need a quick financial injection – anywhere, anytime. It is enough that we will have a mobile phone with us, in a few simple steps to submit an application, and then even within a few minutes to receive money.